Sunday, 8 November 2009

Scandinavian for value

Copenhagen StreetStyle this week gives us Rebecca, aged 15. Yes, 15. Why was I not this cool when I was 15? Why am I still not this cool almost 6 years later?! I think the main answer to this question is because I am not Scandinavian.

My hypothesis is thus: being Scandinavian automatically makes you 26 times cooler fashion-wise than everyone else.

Proof #1 is Rebecca here with her cosy big scarf, messy-chic hair, wonderful fringe, simple outfit and (as far as I can tell) no need for make-up. And also just Copenhagen StreetStyle in general, see below for examples.

(another annoyingly stylish 15 year old. Totally unfair.)

Proof #2 is FashionGirl on Stockholm Streetstyle who is my style icon. She dresses in a really simple way and yet always looks totally fashionable and original.

Proof #3 is Swedish label Acne. The coolest label going, and not ridiculously expensive either. Plus you won't end up looking like a fashion victim as Acne plays by its own rules instead of enforcing jeggings on the world. (Ditto Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair)

Hypothesis proved. The End. Case closed.

P.S. I'm totally treating myself to a shopping trip to Sweden once I'm finished in France....Monki here I come!


Rianna Bethany said...

Acne is soooo amazing, i love the booties that everyone seems to really be diggin at the moment
Rianna Bethany

FashionFirst said...

Wow, great styles:) Based on these pictures, I'll have to agree with your hypothesis haha!

I especially love Sally's outfit. It's chic and so cute!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

all the outfits are amazing!
nice blog :)
I like your blog :D


Clare said...

15?! I've got 6 years on her and I'm not even nearly that well dressed...

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