Monday, 8 December 2008

Big Up Sweden

Next September I am moving to France. I'm not sure where yet, in fact I really should apply for a job pretty sharpish, the deadline is January but I want to be ahead of the game. I already know how stylish the French fashionistas are - just look at Carine Roitfeld! - but what I'm really excited about is in another two and a half years when I (hopefully) finally realise my dream of living in Sweden.

I've got the plan all sorted, there's a scheme that employs English language assistants across Europe and pays from them to learn the language of their host country. So Sweden here I come.

Now, the reason I'm excited even though it's way far off in the future, is because I know I'll have to up my game in the style stakes. The Swedish always seem so well put together, without looking as though they've tried super hard. Or at least this is what I have garnered from reading streetstyle blogs. I should stop living my fashion life vicariously through the internet...

This outfit is so simple, and yet she manages to look chic and fashionable.

I am totally obsessed with this boy at the moment. He manages to look smart and yet not overdone, I think it's the boots which give his outfit less of a stiff and starched feel. Plus, I the oversized safety pin on his pocket is a really nice touch. Basically, I just want to meet him and ruffle up his hair.

Colour never seems all that important in the Stockholm streetstyle photographs, but sometimes I do think that colour is a bit overrated and overexposed...

This girl from is my favourite Stockholm streetstyle ever. She just looks so simple and yet so good!


Sarah Von said...

They're such a beautiful people, no? Somehow simple and clean but sexily mussed. Which is an oddly tough look to muster.

Dill said...

Yes a T shirt tied in the middle the epitome of style.