Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Imagine...'ve got a really important business meeting that you're totally unprepared for. There's good reasons for your lack of preparations, mostly involving vodka, but you are petrified that you're going to crash and burn in the boardroom. The solution? Wear an outfit that is hypnotic. This creation from Basso&Brooke will draw the attention away from whatever rubbish you're spouting and leave your fellow suits mesmerised by your fabulous taste in clothing, and ability to match (shoes and jacket, very classy, very businesslike).

...your super-hot male friend asks you to help him to move house. You need to look alluring but also be able to move about - he has a load of junk that needs boxing up and moving out. Peter Pilotto has the solution, shorts and a shirt is a simple combination but will make you look cool and show that you really are there to help. Plus short-shorts show off your legs, although pumps might be better than these heels when you're helping to lug a piano up four flights of stairs.'ve been invited to a "bad taste party" at uni. You don't actually want to look totally hideous because, well you would be completely ashamed. This is what Henry Holland is for. You'd have to be brave to wear this outfit on a normal night out, but under the guise of "bad taste" you can show off this wonderful ensemble.'ve been asked out by a cowboy. In the 90s. I am so in love with this from Sienna Miller's Twenty8Twelve that I'm currently developing a time machine to ensure I do find myself in that situation.'s your first lecture at uni, you want to look cute and clever. I would suggest that you remember to dry your hair though, you don't want to catch a chill. I love how this outfit is demure and scholarly without being drab. And the socks/legwarmers match the coat - cute as! just want to look super hot! Burberry Prorsum is all you need.


janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

gem fatale said...

Haha great post! Love the Henry Holland comment :)
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