Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It's Raining (snappily dressed) Men!

I thought I'd share a couple of photos from my favourite Jak&Jil post ever. These are from backstage (or rather the pavement outside) the Thom Browne show.

Hopefully Clara Bow style lipstick for men won't be catching on any time soon - or any sort of lipstick for that matter - but I rather like the actual outfits on show here. The tailoring is lovely, I do like a man in fitted clothes. And shorts, I am a fan of men in shorts. Well, only if they have good legs that is, what can I say, I'm shallow.

What I really love about these photos is just how absurd high fashion looks when you take it out into natural light. Some of the other shots from Jak&Jil show more absurd polkadotty outfits, but even the more tame short-suits look incongruous when everyone around is wearing variations on the same stylish theme. The traffic-warden-yellow coats are somehow wonderful and awful all at the same time, which is for some unknown reason exactly what I love fashionwise!

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