Thursday, 12 June 2008

Every Man Should Be Wearing : A Neckerchief

I'm not entirely sure whether neckerchief is the correct word as it does seem to conjure up images of cowboys and scouts rather than edibly eligible men at the cutting edge of fashion. Anyway, I suppose it isn't the word that is important; it's how delicious this neck adornment can look on the right man. And, just so you know, that "right man" is not and never will be Russell Brand, funny as I think he is, the man seriously needs to invest in some style diversity, and a haircut.

Back to my point. Basically, I saw a photo of William Moseley (from The Chronicle of Narnia fame, henceforth to be referred to as "The Moseley") at the Glamour Magazine Awards and I thought he was looking rather scrumptious - even more than usual perhaps - and I attributed this to his lovely neckerchief/scarf.

In my opinion, the neckerchief is a fantastic dressing-up option for the man who lives in cardigans (not bought from TopMan) and buttoned up shirts. A smoking jacket would be a good investment too, but only for very special occasions. The neckerchief, although a wise purchase, can be volatile if worn in the wrony way. It is a smart, slightly quirky accessory but desperately needs to be worn with at least a hint of irony to avoid looking like a smug private-schooled-young-Conservative-rah. It's always the irony that makes the outfit. The Moseley know that.

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