Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Music to Get Dressed To : Yelle

Julie Budet A.K.A Yelle is the last word in French electropop. She rose to fame in the noughties way by the power of myspace. The track that causing all the fuss was the very catchy Je Veux Tu Voir (originally titled Short Dick Cuizi) whose rather x-rated lyrics about TTC member Cuizinier shouldn't be repeated in polite conversation!

Not only does Yelle ooze style like only French women can, she does it with a fresh and quirky edge. Plus, in her video for A Cause Des Garçons she can be seen cavorting around with a dancing wardrobe, mobile phone and hairspray, which personally I think is the epitome of cool.

Give her a listen; improve your french.

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