Saturday, 14 June 2008

Joker of the (Fashion) Pack

I love Miu Miu. If I somehow had some money rather than being a perpetually poor student I would have a wardrobe filled with fabulous Miu Miu pieces. At the moment, in this parallel rich-Ciara world, I would be um-ing and err-ing about whether to invest in the new harlequin trend.

When I think of harlequin print clothes the whole idea just screams tacky and cheap, but some of Miu Miu's latest creations really contest that idea. Note, only some, not all.

When Leighton Meester was in Nylon recently they dressed her in a lovely harlequin dress, with the idea that this style would bring out her doll-like features (dolly-style outfits are a personal preference of mine) which totally worked. She looked adorable. And it was this outfit that originally made me think about revising my opinion on "tacky" harlequin clothing.

I think the reason this particular dress works is that the print isnt too ostentatious. Some of the other pieces that Miu Miu has created still scream "cheap!" at me. For instance the Lady Harlequin bubble tunic; the colours are garish and the style is very cut-price high street.

Harlequin seems like a hard print to be able to carry off well, it needs to be
worn in a way that doesn't draw too much attention to it so people don't start associating your outfit with that of a court jester. Unless, of course, this is the look you're going for.

When harlequin makes it to the high street I don't think I'll be going out and making any purchases, the line between stylish and OTT is far too fine and I don't believe I would be able to carry off harlequin without looking like I'd just escaped from a medieval themed children's party.

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