Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bea Fashionable

I have already professed my love for Sweden, and more specifically my love for Stockholm Street Style. It is this minor obsession with our Viking friends that caused me to discover Bea Szenfeld, a rather adorable designer. Although originally born in Poland, Bea moved to Sweden at eleven and learned her craft at both Cutters Academy in Gothenburg and Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm. She started her own label in 2002, as well as her very own vintage line.

I saw this photograph and though "is that a blackbird on her hat?" which of course led me to google her name and discover her fashion label.

The above pictures are cited as "inspiration" and, to be perfectly honest, who couldn't love a designer who understands the importance of rabbits and their carrots?

The pieces are all wonderfully simple and remind me of period dramas and children's history books. Two very prominent fashion sources, I'll have you know.

Delving into the archived collections, the simplistic edge remains, as does the childish touch. I personally adore the paper dresses collection, although I do have slight reservations about how well they would preserve my modesty, and what would happen if it rained...


Anonymous said...

Stockholm...great city...fashionable people! too.

Chelsea said...

The last picture reminds me of a DIY make I did a while ago. Obviously much more grand and proffesional. But similar.