Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's raining men

Yesterday I was thinking, as I often do, about the state of men's style. It seems that too many men are content in wearing the most boring and/or unflattering outfits they possibly can, with no thought to flair or fashion. Of course, the stereotype I could use here is that of gay men, the flamboyant and fashion-conscious members of the less-fair sex, but I'm talking about finding a nice, well-dressed man who wouldn't know more about heels than I do.

Now, I think that perhaps facehunter has been listening to my pleas for some well-attired gentlemen as yesterday's post was Brick Lane Boys. The outfits weren't of my particular and very very specific taste for men, but my it was lovely to see some gents who had made a bit of effort.

I always think it's nice to see men dressing smartly. This guy's blazer is very dapper, and his hair is impressive, if not actually to my taste.

I was already planning a post on men's style before facehunter came up with his lovely choices, one of my pointless habits is scouring Topman for the best clothes - really I should have someone to buy for, although I would be entirely broke by now if I did! So here's a little taster into how I'd dress a nice boy...

As you can tell I have a serious cardigan obsession!

I suppose it must be quite difficult for men to be too fashion forward without also being mocked, but really the sort of men who mock are also the sort of men who look like boyband rejects. It's always appreciated when a man puts some effort into his outfit, although I suppose it should all look quite effortless! In all honesty it's much like the trials and tribulations of women's fashion but without the allure of high-heeled shoes.

image from facehunter

image from stockholm streetstyle

image from the sartorialist

...of course there are always the men who go all out, and look pretty darn amazing for doing so! I love this guy's moustache, and neck tie and wonderful quiff. He is quite the epitome of dapper.

image from facehunter

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