Monday, 5 January 2009

Knit one Purl one

After her recent big breakthrough onto the fashion circuit, it would seem that Louise Goldin is the current queen of knitwear. She does things with wool that I didn't even think was possible - cycling shorts and sheer fabric as knitwear?! It defies logic, but really makes me want to invest in some knitting needles.

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But now perhaps there are contenders to her woollen crown...

Sandra Backlund also creates amazing knitwear, although her knits tend to be chunky where Goldin's are futuristic. I can imagine Backlund's collection actually keeping me warm while also looking amazing.

I think Backlund's collection, like Goldin's, is very reminiscent of armour. If a war ever breaks out between knitting circles I think we can safely guess what they will be wearing.

For less heavy-duty knitwear, Mark Fast creates beautifully delicate woollen dresses, although perhaps for those more daring than myself as they do tend to be quite see-through. I particularly like the flapper-esque skirts, I can imagine they would add amusement to a night's dancing!

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