Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hail Cesar!

The latest copy of Indie Magazine includes a rather delightful shoot with the rather delightful Cesar Casier, who may just be edging in on Cole Mohr in my affections. For one thing he's Belgian and has an adorable accent when speaking English, as demonstrated on the 'Elevator Pitch' video of him made by his modelling agency, Dominique Models, and God knows I love all things francophone. Also he is absolutely beautiful. If he ever does own his own restaurant I will most certainly be booking a table!


emilybee said...

Do you think it's bad that our blogs are turning into a documentary of our favourite models..


consider me there aswell, i may even have to plant a hair in my meal and get so upset that i have to take it to the owner !

emilybee said...

why did you not title this blog cesar salad?

sincerely disappointed.