Monday, 24 November 2008

My New Favourite Designer...

In a dream world, I know exactly what I would be wearing come this spring : the entire Thread Social collection.

One thing I especially look for in clothing is shape. Sure, colour and pattern are important but an amazing silhouette wins it for me every time. This is why I am always drawn to tulip skirts, shoulder pads and belts to cinch in my waist. Not always at the same time, obviously. But sometimes...

So, not only does the Spring 2009 collection for Thread Social have some of the most beautiful shaped outfits, with clean lines and smooth curves, but the choice of colour and pattern for the fabric does nothing to detract from the simplicity. The cut and general style of the pieces could be worn anywhere - dressed up to a party or accessorised with a simple cardi and flats for a nice day out. I'm a great believer in not saving clothes for "best".

I am particularly in love with the hues of blue (apologies for rhyming) as blue is my signature colour - I'm always trying to buy less blue though, which has left me with a wardrobe bereft of some of the better shades.

This particular dress is reversible - two cute outfits in one!

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