Wednesday, 12 November 2008


How lovely life must be for the rich and beautiful. Whilst procrastinating away some of my afternoon on I found myself lost in the party photographs. It must be a lovely existence to get invited to these fabulous events with free champagne. Plus, when else do you get the occasion to wear such amazing outfits? I don't think a floor length gown would do for a night out in Edinburgh, and even for some of the more low-key events the clothes they wear are far too beautiful for everyday occasions. Never mind the fact that I could never afford even one shoe.

The first party I found myself lost in (metaphorically only, sadly) was the event held for Baz Luhrmann at the Museum of Modern Art. I'm not a film aficionado so I did have to look him up, but it turns out he's a pretty cool director - his latest film, Australia, isn't out yet and still has a load of hype, which possibly also has something to do with the leading actors being Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

Carey Mulligan has chosen a really understated dress, but she still manages to look amazing. I especially like the lacing detail on the dress. I think it's also pretty impressive that she pulls off an elfin haircut without looking like an Agyness Deyn wannabe.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is my favourite actress, and I think she dresses wonderfully too. I'm prosuming that this is fake fur, I really like the way she has chosen to belt it - especially since she has somehow managed to not let the extra padding of the gilet make her look in any way wide. Possibly this is just because she is tiny tiny...

After perusing through the Luhrmann party I found myself at the Glamour Party (once again, I do only mean through the medium of the internet, not actually in person). Natalie Portman looks effortlessly chic. I swear it was no time ago since she was bald...

And finally, Sarah Michelle-Gellar/Prince at a party for Juicy Couture, looking pretty fierce (as Tyra Banks might say)....what's she doing with herself these days? Apart from looking pretty I mean.

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