Sunday, 9 November 2008

Leggings Love

Whatever I wear, I look like I have just walked out of the eighties. I have now given up on trying to change, as it appears that I am destined to have Molly Ringwald as my style icon. Only I'm shorter and far less ginger (plus I would NEVER ruin a dress as badly as she did in Pretty in Pink).

Now I am resigned to my fate, I feel I am allowed to covet every single pair of leggings I see. I only wish I had the legs to do them justice...

I love how the shoes merge with the leggings in this Viktor & Rolf outfit, and the crazy juxtaposition with the jewel-coloured purse.

Monochrome again at Givenchy gives a really bold statement, personally this outfit evokes images of tacky angel-wing tattoos and seedy biker bars, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Although I'm not too keen on the shoes, I like peep-toe but peep-toes in the plural is a little but too much.

Somehow these leggings remind me of tattoos....just a little bit anyway. I think they'd look really good teamed with something sweet and innocent and probably white. Hm, it seems black and white is my theme of the day without me even realising it.

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