Monday, 29 September 2008

I am currently experiencing a fashion melt-down. Having being bombarded by too many images of beautiful clothing I now have absolutely no idea which way is up and which is down.

My final lecture of the day finished at 4 o'clock so I have come home to my usual routine of facehunter, stylebubble, stilinberlin, followed generally by a mish-mash of other websites of note (at the moment my new favourite is the cool hunter) which fills my daily quota of fashiony stuff. Today there was far too much for my brain to deal with and it has gone into overdrive. Do I want to blog about Susie Bubble's adorable outfit that was captured by facehunter (with added motorcycle, which I like to think is actually Susie's)? Or do I want to blog about how I agree with her post about Fendi? I saw the photos of the new collection on last night and I totally fell in love, which is suprising since I am in no way a Fendi-fan.

Also, today is very exciting and I feel somewhat compelled to tell you how in love I am with Gareth Pugh's new collection and how innovative I think it is to be mixing the medieval aspect of ruffs with some very futuristic outfits - even futuristic ruffs. The whole thing is slightly reminiscent of Victor&Rolf's violin ruffs, which I also adored...I am slightly tempted to go out and invest in some pretty neck-adornment. Still, my head also wants to share with you all my delight at seeing someone wearing my dream shoes on stilinberlin - I have wanted these Miu Miu wedges since the first time I saw them and I really don't care that they aren't 'this season' because they are quite simply beautiful.

So you see my predicament - what on earth should I be blogging about today?

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emilybee said...

I think you should blog more often!!