Saturday, 27 September 2008


I used to be a big fan of clashing prints. I still do like to dabble in a bit of mix and match but I am more afraid of looking like an explosion in a paint factory than I was a couple of years ago. The Spring 2009 collection by Duro Olowu has the wow factor of clashing, yet at a closer look does not clash at all.

The patterns are loud, as are the colours, but instead of a crazy juxtaposition Duro Olowu manages to make the outfits look both co-ordinated and somewhat debonair.

Overall the look is more tribal than I tend to go for, but I feel that the pieces could easily be worn without being accompanied by clunky wooden jewellery and conversations about elephants and giraffes.

Although it may not always be evident by the way I dress, I am a big fan of simplicity. In this collection the fabric speaks for itself by way of the fantastic swirling patterns so the clothing does not have to be outrageous, but instead is subdued and sophisticated.

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