Saturday, 27 September 2008

Clash! Part 2

I am well aware that I have just minutes ago posted about a clashing collection, but still I feel that I need to tell you about another. This time the look is oriental rather than tribal but still the clashing aesthetique is prevalent. I'm talking about Basso & Brooke's Spring 2009 collection shown in London Fashion Week.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, loud colours appear to be imminently becoming in vogue, and this particular collection encompasses all the hues you may wish to don this coming season, the twist being that they all appear together in burst of crazy colour.

Many of the pieces in this collection do seem to be rather shapeless - the dresses especially - and accentuate the waiflike structure of the models. I don't think that this is a fashion than should be copied by those of us who eat enough to be visible from a sideways view. In terms of fashion as an art form, however, it does not detract from the beauty of the fabric and cut of each dress.

For some of the more extravagant outfits I feel that someone with a bit more flesh would give a bit more (for want of a less ridiculous term) va-va-voom to the overall look.

The items I am coveting most fervently from this collection are the belts. I can just imagine how they could bring a bland outfit up to being (once again I am failing to think of a non-ridiculous term to convey my feelings) super-wicked-brilliant. The quirky shape and mix of colours and shapes reminds me of the stereotypical image of modern art, which makes me want to wear the belt with an ironic red beret (and perhaps a curly, pensive moustache).

All in all I'd say that clashing couture is a style from the catwalks that definitely needs to be brought into my everyday live...all I have to do is channel some of the sophistication to prevent the colours from giving me a kids-television-presenter look.

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