Saturday, 27 September 2008

Alice in Wonderband

Today I found out that I was cooler than I originally thought. Walking home from town I was thinking about what to post about next and somehow my thoughts turned to headwear. Not hats, I don't suit hats. I mean headbands and headdresses and all that malarky - Bat For Lashes style shall we say. So, I get home and sit down to read The Guardian and there it is in The Measure - headgear is cool. Specifically Bat For Lashes. Now, there is no way that I can prove that I was thinking about crazy headbands before I read they were cool, I'm just going to have to hope that you believe I really do have the fashion know-how.

So, crazy headbands. At the moment my hair is a very annoying length; that point when you're letting your hair grow out and you realise that, at that current moment in time, your hair looks like a crazy hairdresser attacked you with shears generally used to make sheep bald. All in all, bad hair times. Bearing this in mind, I've decided that what I need is to jazz up my locks is, well, something to stop people looking too closely at my hair. And, to do this, there has to be something else on my head to look at. This is where crazy headwear comes in.

I'm thinking coloured hairbands, hippy style. Feathers might be a little bit too

much, but depending on the occasion I could go for that. I mean, Feathers and Sequins is where it's at afterall. A very simple and understated outfit can be made snazzy and super super cool with just the addition of the right headband. Nice and easy, don't you agree? Plus, you can always make your own so that you can be sure not to see someone else wearing the same one (whenever I spot people in the same top/skirt/hat/whatever as me they always look better than I do, it is extremely depressing).

Alice in Wonderland had the right idea, that little headband really made her look so much cooler. I'm not sure whether the headband was Lewis Carroll's idea or whether it was a Disney idea, but either way they had pure style.

I also have a rather large love of those hats that aren't really hats. My Mum is currently trying to think of the word for them, she's offered "fancies" but that doesn't sound quite right. What I mean is those hats you have to pin on your head, the ones with lace coming off them. From the 1940s I think - good era. Possibly the 1930s. Gosh, I'm very bad at this describing malarky today. If by some amazing chance you are on the same wavelength as me and understand what I mean then well done, and I really hope you agree that they are quite

wonderful hats. Or rather, non-hats.

Now, I do think that for the good of mankind (and to save the fashion police some work) I should make it very clear that I don't think you should all go out and buy hairbands that would be better suited to a soap wedding, all big plastic flowers and stuff like that. No, no, no. Neither do I think that bandanas should come back in fashion. I am simply of the opinion that perhaps your head is there to put pretty things on, not just to hold your brain.

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