Saturday, 27 September 2008

Excuse me while I rant

I would like to rant, please. Just a short rant, nothing too major. The topic is very similar to another recent post - the one about wearing cur-ray-zee clothes out and about in everyday life.

Last night I went to a society social at my university. It isn't the most social of socials as most people stick to their cliques, but that isn't my rant. Not today anyway. What I would like to complain about right now is the fact that nobody seems to take fashion seriously. As a serious interest, I mean, like classical music or modern art.

I mentioned something about wanting a pair of sequinned black skinny jeans from Topshop and this elicited a laugh. I wasn't joking, obviously as these jeans are amazing. Then I said that I'd rather like a (fake) fur hat - like the Russian ones. Once again, people laughed. I would really like it if people could take my comments on what clothes I am currently lusting after seriously, because I don't laugh at them for their interests.

Sticking with this rant, I would also like to know why people prosume that if one is interested in fashion one must also be vapid, insubstancial and a little bit dim. I will admit that I can be somewhat superficial, but I also am a culture snob - I like to make sure I have read/seen/heard the things that are expected of a well-rounded and cultured person. Plus, I like University Challenge (although, granted, that is partly to laugh at the students with beards. Especially the women.)

I am well aware that not everyone can share my interest in fashion, and that some will be bemused by my passion for Paris Vogue or StyleBubble, but I don't think that it is necessary to belittle my interest/hobby (there must be a less trainspotter-esque word for it, sadly it eludes me at the current moment).

Rant over.

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