Saturday, 27 September 2008

I Heart Topshop

While I have been away I have found a new obsession. It's an expensive one, but fun all the same. I'm talking about Topshop.

Since I was working over the summer I actually had some money and therefore endeavoured to purchase a hell-of-a-lot of new clothing. I don't like the idea of buying everything from there, especially not snazzy outfits for going out as I am deathly afraid of ever bumping into someone wearing the same dress as me, however for cardigans and skirts and beautiful beautiful plaid shirts I cannot think of a better place to shop.

Before this summer I used to be somewhat sceptical about Topshop. It appeared to me to be the place to go for those girls with the blonde hair and the perma-tan. Those girls who dress to look hot for guys, rather than to feel good for themselves or because they love the clothes they're wearing. I'm now happy to admit that I am wrong. Well, to a certain extent anyway. Those girls still shop there, as do your plain-Jane types and pretty much anyone and everyone else. That is the beauty of Topshop - you can pick up something in the store and wear it in the way that you want. So with the same shirt you can look edgy or straight or kind of trashy.

My problem now is that I have returned to my poor student status and cannot afford the loveliness of Topshop and yet I still have the cravings. There are items that I covet but cannot have. It's a horrible feeling, and I realise how vain and shallow it makes me to feel this way, but I really really do want the boyfriend-blazer and the shiny black skinnies, not to mention the soft cardigans and big comfy jumpers. I am still drawn to the jewellery like a magpie, but sadly now I am a broke magpie and all I can do is look.

I'm crossing fingers and toes that I can find a job asap (I have even applied at the mecca that is Topshop) and can start again my purchasing. Less than over the summer though, I need beer money too now...ah, the student life!

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